Saturday, August 16, 2014


That is not grass, it's rice :P

We had a visitor in our apartment, haha!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The best looking, hardest working and most spiritual missionary in the Philippines!
Oh, and that's Elder Mikesell standing beside him! Hahaha!
Hello fam bam!

We have some investigators for you to pray for! The first is Sister Masipag. Her children are all members, but she and her husband are not. Her eldest son is actually serving a mission in the Manila Mission and her husband works overseas. She is finally finding out for herself if this is true or not! Her baptism is currently scheduled for August 26th.

Next is Brother Pammati. He basically felt that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he wants to be baptized... on the first lesson, but we're trying to help him because I think he may have an anxiety disorder from the way he acts and speaks and he became very nervous about the baptism. Please pray for him!

You are free to vomit!
Nothing crazy this week. The members are great, this country is beautiful, and as I've been rededicating myself to the work, I have felt the Spirit greater in my life. As for the typhoon, it hasn't affected northern Luzon. It's mostly happening in the Bicol region, which is pretty far. My area is on the other side of the Philippines from the open ocean, so if it does hit here, it won't be as strong as it would be having come from the open ocean. It does rain here every day, though, haha, and it's heavy. The kind of rain Las Vegas would think the world is ending, Noah's ark style, but it's not so bad when you realize it's just water. After making sure anything valuable is dry, you just do your best and remember that you'll be dry some point later on. At left is a lovely picture of what a missionaries foot looks like in the Philippines. The water soaks into your shoes and you have to deal with it for another 6 hours or so, haha!

Thank you for everyone who is sending me letters. I can't actually write you back because there is no post office here in Aringay, but I can get your mail because it is pouched from the mission office through the mission leadership. I love you all! Keep on swimming!


Elder Mikesell III

Converting the caribou. Serious stuff here in the Philippines mission field!

Baking muffins poor missionary style!!! Haha, they were actually quite good.

This is the "car" of the Philippines, haha. For every car you see in Las Vegas, picture one of these
and that is what it looks like in my area. The only difference is that every last tryke in the
Philippines is unique. No standard model or anything, haha.

The first pug I've seen in over 7 months. I was pretty excited.