Sunday, August 16, 2015


Hello fam bam and friends! :) I made the mistake of applying thought to how long I have left on my mission and my soul is filled with great alarm because I have less time than I thought I did, haha! But, there are some really good things happening in my area. I'll divide my thoughts over two sections: shenanigans and the work.

Me and my fellows here have become addicted to giving service. I love doing so because sometimes I feel that the less actives we visit see us as walking nags with neckties, but service shows that we really do love and care about them. I've seen service cut through hearts of steel like butter, haha. My favorite service this week was when our Elder's quorum president took us up his mountain, pointed at a grove of mango trees he has there which has been overrun by Tarzan quality jungle and basically said, "I want everything that is not a mango tree gone." After which we attacked the mass with our machetes :P fun stuff.

There have also been tri-zone conferences and the occasional homeless man breaking into our apartment to get bread and water which has happened twice or thrice in the last few months or so :P fun stuff for sure. My machete is usually within reach of my bed, haha.

The Work: Update on some of the fold here.

Please pray for the Kubo sisters. We're on the verge of dropping them as investigators because they've lost the motivation to make or keep any commitments.

The Machete family is doing so good! We'll be extending them a baptismal date this Wednesday, and we taught their oldest son for the first time on Sunday, and I daresay he might be golden. Please pray that the Spirit will soften their hearts at our next appointment.

I love everyone back home, but I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my time here before I get back :)

Elder Mikesell III

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