Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello all!

It's down right strange that it's been a month already. The MTC goes by FAST. Things go well at the MTC. I'm afraid that this update might be a smidgen smaller than the ones that have preceded it... I'm very hungry this day. I am verrrrry excited to get out in the Philippines. It's been snowy and rainy and cold here,which is my favorite weather, (which is awesome, but there will be a dramatic change once I hit the Philippines)
....I don't know, I guess I'm usually a lot more interesting than this. I'm just learning, studying, praying, and being a beast at four square, really. I'm so hungry that its hard for me to think right now though!
For any sisters contemplating a mission, do it. The blessings are incredible, the MTC is hard but fun, it's an amazing experience that will bless you, and your future spouse.
ooookkkaayy........ that's about it........ sorry to be disappointing this week.........
OH! I forgot something very important! In my opinion I've had a very weak testimony throughout my life. Some people may argue with me, but I've mostly walked on the borrowed light from my parents. Well, when you hit the world outside your home, there is no borrowed light. I love the MTC, but I've been struggling spiritually for a testimony. I wish to be truly converted to the Lord, but I can't do that without first having a testimony. I realized something a few days ago- that I've never, or hadn't for a very long time, felt the Spirit on my own. I've felt it through my parents, the testimony of others, the scriptures, church, testimony meetings, music, conference talks, camp outs, everywhere. But with me and only me, no other influences, no people, no recordings, no words, no writings, nothing, I have never felt the Spirit. I have been repenting, studying, pondering, obeying, and praying for that witness. Last night, I got it. I received a witness by the still small voice, that is the Holy Ghost testifying unto me, that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God, that He atoned for my sins, and that God the Father loves me. 
I have learned that there are three things that only we can destroy, that no on else can take from us - our experiences, our testimony and our conversion. No man or woman on this earth with any amount of money, scientific degrees, cunning words or hostility can take away my experience last night, when I knelt before my maker and received my witness. Our testimony- people can believe what they want. They can even believe that I am a liar or that God is not, but I have a testimony in God the Father and Jesus Christ. Our conversion- a testimony is not enough. It is shaky ground when Satan hurls at us his hurricanes and firestorms. In order to overcome those things we must be converted- and someone who is truly converted will never and cannot fall away. 
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

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