Monday, February 3, 2014


Week three, still going strong!
Again to all the old people who shook their head and chuckled when I told them I would NOT be homesick, I say to you HA. Still going good. Maybe it'll hit me when I'm in the Philippines, but I'm quite fine right now, thank you very much.
Week three has gone well! The two new districts came in, finally! We were getting super lonely. So, funny goings on with that! Four missionaries found out that the are related... in one district Sister Vaka and Elder Vilingia... super cool Tongan missionaries who are actually first cousins! They opened their mission calls and found out they were going to the same place on the same day, got here, and found out they were in the same district! They bicker all the time. So funny.
So there's an elder in my district (our zone has three districts, my 'old guys' district and the two new districts,) named Elder Cook. One of the sisters, Sister Fuester, is actually from London and was adopted from out of the Philippines. They found out Elder Cook's uncle married her sister, so Sister Fuester is technically Elder Cook's aunt... they had never met before, and Elder Cook is actually two years older.
AND we found out a sister in the new districts.. is 28!!!!!! The cap age limit for sisters is 28 and for guys it's 26! We had no idea! She looks super young, but she has a career, a masters degree, and her own house! Her companion is barely nineteen! Sooo funny. We are a big weird happy family.
At first I was running, but then I got into four square, because it's WAY more fun than running. At first it was like six people and then all the sisters in the gym would get in on it day after day. (Most of my elders are basketball players.) Then MY elders got in on it, we separated into two courts because the elders got really serious about it really quick, and now we have the most intense four square games ever, day after day. A very popular comment as we play and argue and yell is,
"Yeah, I totally know it's just a game. It just also happens to be my life."
It's pretty intense. There's one sister who plays with us because she's hardcore and the sisters court is too gentle for her. We call her Sister Mulan, very funny stuff. She's actually pretty fierce.
Beyond that, the Tagalog is coming along very well. In TRC me and my companion spoke to a native Filipino, all in Tagalog, and we managed pretty well! I feel very good about it.
My testimony is growing. Because of the sacrifices I'm making, I can feel the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. I've gained huge insights into obedience, the atonement, faith, and my purpose as a human being and a son of God.
I love the MTC! Love everyone! Defend the faith!
Elder Mikesell III

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