Monday, March 31, 2014



The days go by VERY quickly as a missionary! This was a tough week. After the initial spike of success we were having in Tuding, we've hit a bit of a wall. Lots and lots of being "punted" as missionaries call it, or in other words being asked to leave, people not coming outside when we knock (even though we can hear them inside) or otherwise just telling us they are not interested. But, it's all part of being a missionary! To anyone preparing to be a missionary, IF you serve with all your yourself, it will be fun! Hard but fun. If you leave part of your mind and heart back home, IT WILL BE AWFUL! That's like tearing yourself into two different places. Just be happy where you are and serve with ALL your heart, might, mind and strength. 

In other news, our golden investigators have kept coming to church, are living the Word of Wisdom, and are progressing sooo very fast! I really sincerely love them. They are the best. The families in question are (fake names) the Rizal's and the Pinoy's. The Rizal's are hovering between the lower and middle class. Middle class here means, basically, that money isn't your FIRST concern. (It still may be one, just not your first. You are mostly provided for.) The father is working construction, and we are working with him to stop smoking, so he can get baptized! He's down to one cigarette, so pray for him! The mother is very intelligent! She eats up our lessons and she actually referred us to her parents! She's sharing the gospel like a part-time missionary, seriously, and she's not even baptized yet! They have three kids, and I'm so excited for them! 

The Pinoy's are more middle class. The father stays home to take care of their daughter, and the mother is an accountant. Both are very intelligent, and the daughter is downright naughty, but so cute it's very hard to get mad at her. The father is a golden investigator to the core. He bears his testimony pretty much every time we meet, feeds us, and lives every law and commandment as soon as he knows about it. The wife is a little bit of a tougher cookie, but I'm very hopeful for her as well!

Other other news, my Tagalog is beginning to sound like something approaching to a language, I've lost weight from eating a missionary diet (which is sparse, haha) and walking up and down day in and day out, haha. Baguio is exceedingly mountainous, I may have tonsillitis and me and my companion are starting to really understand each other! I love this country, this language and this people, but especially this gospel, the Church and my Savior Jesus Christ. Take care! Defend the faith!

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