Monday, October 6, 2014


This week we had a mission leader conference in which our mission president gently chastised us for the apartments being dirty. I went home and told the other missionaries about what we had been told (and that our apartment was soon going to be checked by the mission president's wife). We look at one another, looked at the apartment, and unanimously agreed, "Yeah, we gotta clean this place, haha." So, we set to it. Now understand nothing was SUPER bad, just as you would expect from a group of four young men ranging in age from 18-22's apartment to look like... until we started under the staircase. This space is usually covered by two old broken toasters ovens, but when my companion started clearing those out he screamed that there was a giant ant mound underneath the stairs. We all ran to check and doubts started: we couldn't see anything going in or out of it, and it looked like poorly poured concrete, the kind a contractor would leave in spaces they know will never be seen or inspected. I got a broom, poked it, and found that it was rock solid. We all breathed a sigh of relief, discounted it as just ugly concrete in a weird cover and started back cleaning.

I went to take the toaster ovens outside but stopped; because the end of the toaster oven's plug went literally inside the "concrete", and I knew for sure the toaster ovens weren't there when the contractor poured the concrete. Calling everyone back, we pulled mightily on the cord until BOOM it came loose. We got a flashlight, peered inside and lo and behold... it was a rock hard giant termite mound. In the space where we pulled out the plug we could see the termites and other maggots trying to repair the hole. We quickly went to our "mom" (A.K.A. our super nice land lady) and asked for her help. I thought she would call a professional, but she and her friend just went at it with a machete, a shovel and a bucket instead. We spent the next hour cleaning out the nest.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, haha!!! Rest assured, it is cleaned and termite free now. Enjoy the pictures, and I love you all :P That's all for this week.

Feed your fire!
Elder Mikesell III

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