Monday, December 8, 2014



Hello all! I am very close to transferring. In my interview with President a few weeks ago, he told me face to face that I would be transferred, but the last time he told me I wasn't going to transfer, and I did, sooooo, I give it a 3/4 chance because I've been here for quite a while, haha. But, I've grown to love Aringay, even though it's hotter than Africa. Sister Luzon will be baptized this Saturday :) I probably won't be here to see it, but it's not the missionary that matters, it's the message and the work of salvation. I'll also be hitting my 10 month mark really soon which is odd as well. I'm not counting days, but it's hard for me to forget because I became a missionary on the 15th of the month, so it's like every two weeks there's a "whoah, it's a new month already?" and then in the next two weeks it's like "whoa I'v been out another month already?" and then over and over again, haha. I know I've been neglecting pictures, so today is like picture blitzkrieg! I apologize if I've already sent some of these in the past, I can't remember which ones I have and haven't sent. Please pray for Brother Luzon who is working on overcoming the Word of Wisdom challenges he's having.

That's it! Love you all!

Elder Mikesell III

My area floods a lot. 

The branch mission leader in the front, a branch missionary in the back and the missionaries.

My zone.

I want to die in this country, haha!

We had some visitors in our local chapel... I guess the iron bars over the windows were bought from Savers or DI?

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