Monday, December 8, 2014



In my mission we do a mini movie called 3 words. Every missionary takes a photo of themselves with their 3 words. This was mine. Later they put them together in a slide show.

Guiuo and Mikesell, Alma and Amulek type stuff. It's pretty legit. well, Alma and Amulek type stuff when they were in Ammonihah and no one wanted to listen to them, but it's still fun! haha

This was my face and excitement level upon receiving the package from Kelly. I cannot express how stoked I was for that package Kelly. It was truly what I needed.

-peanut butter SUCKS in the Philippines and buying the American stuff is expensive
-licorice is no where to be found
-I was on my last stick of deoderant, was out of floss, bar soap and mints
-those granola bars are the best thing ever when you're proselyting and get hungry
-my garments were downright torn up
-almost all my socks have holes in them, and the ones you bought are the perfect size and don't dig into my skin up at the top of the elastic
-the shoes are the BOMB.COM! my shoes before had holes in the soles so rocks would get in while I was proselyting and the tendons in the back of my ankles would get really stiff and pained and I in longer have to worry about that nonsense!

To keep the mosquitoes away, the Filipinos burn stuff to make smoke. I got a little carried away. 

I love the disclaimer on this advertisement, haha. 

My last district in a late 1800's family portrait pose. The award of "my favorite person ever" would go to whoever could send me back this picture in black and white, maybe with a little grainy, old timey look for effect.

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