Monday, December 8, 2014



Hello all! I shall endeavor with zeal to keep you all updated as to my doings! This week has been rough, but also good. Some of the week's highlights are these:

-We saw our first drunken brawl in our area, haha! It was kind of scary but also kind of funny because both combatants were above the age of 60 and the weight of 250.

-I had to chase down a dog that got out of one of our investigators gates and I actually won! It's a Filipino breed and has really stubby legs, so even though the bugger was fast, I still managed to catch him by sheer virtue of leg length, haha. The funnest part was wrestling him back to the house.

-A less active family agreed to feed us on Sunday night... with steak, carrots, potatoes, peas and coke. I nearly cried. We eat rice day in and day out here, unless we get fast food. I haven't even seen a serrated steak knife until that night since I got here, haha. Me and the other American present feasted well because if the statistic holds, we won't be having another meal like that for the next 10 months.

-Brother Binyag also passed his interview! He is scheduled for baptism December 6th! Thank you all so much for the prayers on his behalf. Now that he's entering in the covenant, his family is one step closer to being eternal :) It's the kind of stuff that makes a missionary's eyes water.

-We also met another man who we found out has been less active for 40+ years but that wants to return. (!!!) He also wants us to teach his family. I shall dub them the Naghahanap family. (For those of you who are unaware, all these people's code names are Tagalog puns, haha). Please turn your prayers to them as well! His wife has accepted a baptismal date but is VERY pregnant, so it might be difficult for her to go to church.

-Lastly, (I hope the length of this letter is pleasing unto my earthly father :)) this week has been really good in one way and hard in another. The good side is that your prayers for my area were answered! We did much better this week than the previous, as far as finding new investigators and teaching goes. Please continue those prayers! The hard part: There's a sad history of disobedience in the Philippines missions. One of the elders I knew kind of closely is going home today early because of poor choices. Me and my companion had to report what was going on and what he was doing :/ I have NO desire to mess up anyone else's life but it was the kind of decision where you can choose to please the Lord or your apartment mate... not both.. sad day... please keep him in your prayers as well. It's quite common for missionaries that get sent home to become disengaged with the church and the blessings it provides.

I suppose that is all for this day. I love you all :)

Feed your fire!

Elder Mikesell III

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