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Hello family!

I will endeavor to give much more detailed reports now and in the future. You can all thank my wonderful father for the change :P

I've begun to notice an increase in hilarious
signs since I transferred... 
So, covering all of the circumstantial things I've been talking about in the past, I am now in the big city of San Fernando! San Fernando is actually one of the three stakes in my mission and is also home to the mission president's home and the mission office. The city is right next to the ocean and parts of my area also go right next to the great big blue. I and my district attend the Lingsat ward, which is one of the best units in the entire mission! The chapel is literally next door to the mission office, so I see President Balledos (my mission president) much more often now, haha. The mission office is also where we get and receive mail, so mail will come to me and get to you all much faster while I'm serving in this area.

My companion is a 6'2" Filipino named Elder Guiuo, from Rizal, near Manila. Him being that tall is kind of worth mentioning since Filipinos are usually shorter than I am, haha. To be honest, our area is struggling. The attitude of people in the cities is VERY different than in the rural provinces. In my last area we could average five or six, sometimes seven lessons a day. Last week, me and Elder Guiuo in my area dedicated 6 hours to finding... and couldn't teach a single lesson, haha. The investigator I mentioned before has dropped their baptismal date because of conflicts with his wife... so, we have no baptisms scheduled. Except for last night we got an investigator that moved into our area from Luna! His name is Brother Binyag, and he's doing really really well as an investigator. His wife is already a member, and they have the cutest darn baby you have ever seen. He's scheduled for December 13th. If you pray for anyone, pray for him! Satan tries the investigators just before they are baptized.

There are 4 of us in the apartment, myself, an Australian and two Filipinos. I love them all as brothers! I would like all of you to remember how wonderful the cold is there while I am working in 90 degrees and 100% humidity here in the Phillies, haha. I love you all and I hope this is a better step than I've done in the past as far as keeping you all updated!

Feed your fire!

Elder Mikesell III

The funny signs continue. Tagalog is a completely phonetic language where everything is spelled exactly how it sounds. Sometimes they try to apply that principle to English and the results vary, haha.

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