Monday, May 11, 2015


Holy cow this week! There's a lot to update in this one.

For one, we switched apartments! This new apartment is the giraffes gym shorts. Sooo groovy.  I should have taken pictures, but I suppose I'll get to that next week. :P It's also within 30 seconds walk of a pandesal bakery, a water refilling station, a spot where tricycles wait for passengers, our favorite member's house, the market, and an internet cafe where we can email. (Those are big deals here in the Phillies!) Which makes it downright superb. Also, as opposed to our last apartment, me and my companion have apartment mates! Elder Smiler and Elder Fanene moved in with us from Santa after closing down their apartment in the area!... until Elder Fanene got emergency transferred! :( awwww. I love the big lug. He's the HUGE fellow in the pictures I sent out this week. He's the biggest missionary in the mission, but he's got the biggest heart, too. He was replaced by his cousin Elder Lesa! He's a cool bloke. I don't know him very well, but we already get along together swimmingly.

Other than that, the work is going well, it's finally starting to rain, and missionaries from a different church tried to bible bash us yesterday, but all is well :) I'm actually thoroughly enjoying my mission life. I've noticed some elders count the days like they're in a prison or like a torture camp, but I'm trying to really live it and enjoy it. I've got my whole life to hang out with white people and eat white bread and ketchup and speak English, but the time I have for rice and Filipinos and Tagalog is very limited! (ode to my father who's wonderful advice helped me to rethink my attitude). And earlier today I called my mama bear for Mother's Day! Seeing her, David, Justin, Chase and Kayla did much to brighten my day :) I love my fam bam and look forward to being reunited with them, but for now it's sickle thrusting time!

Feed your fire!
Elder Mikesell III

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