Sunday, May 24, 2015


It's a good week! We recently had Elder Bowen from the Seventy visit our mission, and he just shook up everything. In our mission, we have a standard of excellence, which is like a goal that we try (and usually fail) at obtaining, as far as how many lessons we teach and how many new investigators we have. Me and my companion usually only get barely above half of the standard, but Elder Bowen came and told us to double the standard because the problem wasn't the standard but our faith. We did and blessings have come! My area and our entire district almost doubled and in some areas tripled what we were doing before! There is real power when we do what God's servants have asked us to do with faith :) We have three or four groups of investigators I have high hopes for.

Brother Boondok: just a sincere humble guy. Reads the Book of Mormon a lot but is also accepting missionary visits from like 4 other churches at the same time.

Brother and Sister Maliwanag: great investigators but are living together and aren't married. There are laws here in the Phillies that make divorce nearly impossible and Sister Maliwanag has a previous marriage.

Brother Noe: actually a catholic lay minister or "acolyte", but he has an open mind. His wife may be a tougher investigator than he is, haha.

Brother Bukid: our one and only progressing investigator! He prays and comes to church all the time. The problems are that he can't read, is verrrry poor (like ya'll Americans DON'T EVEN KNOW how poor folk can be) and he only speaks the native dialect here, Ilokano, which makes lessons interesting.

Please pray for those folk :) I love you all!

Elder Mikesell III

A sad teddy bear inside a tricycle which I thought was way funny.

A typical filipino family home evening.

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