Sunday, November 22, 2015


This week was righteous! We worked hard and did a lot this week. It was much better than the last couple of weeks. We doubled our average lesson count and new investigators and about tripled our TC or "testifying of Christ". Basically, just talking to everyone. Some other missionaries call the OYM or open your mouth. Brother Uwi came to church, and it was nice because he still came even though his wife couldn't come! Usually folks here would use that as an excuse to not go but not him! And the branch is doing a really good job of making him feel welcome, always talking to him and such like. Because of the amount of Suday's we have left, we're working hard to make sure the branch is focusing on them as well as the new missionaries who will take our place, too.

We ate pizza today, which was nice, at a place called Yellow Cab that used to only be in Baguio but there is now one down here. I nearly cried. Sooo good.

In somewhat funny news, I saw a real live genuine "Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix" shirt in my area yesterday! I was dying. The world is a very very small place indeed. It even had the address of the one next to my home, if there are even others in existence which I'm not sure there are.

Love you all :) Shout out to the women who make my life possible/enjoyable and who have been doing so much stuff fore me, I don't even know how to thank them, the beloved Kelly Mikesell and the most wonderful Barbara Thorton! :D

Love you all!

Elder Mikesell III

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