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June 8, 2008

This week has been hilarious! Here are some of the funnies:

- As we were looking for new investigators in our area, we started going down different paths we hadn't been down before... and they kept getting smaller and smaller until we were straight up in the jungle. We asked a man harvesting syote if the path we were on eventually got us to the highway, and he told us yes, which was a total lie. We ended up at a straight up tropical waterfall type place. We tried to climb up the sides of the valley, but it was too steep, and Elder Done fell and could have almost killed himself, so we decided to go back the way we came but accidentally went through "tiger grass" which is a long grass that cuts you up as you walk through it, haha. Fun stuff.

- We were riding a jeepney and had a fun conversation with an old nun who told us to keep being "good boys" in a super cute grandmotherly way. It was adorable.

- There is a missing dog in Tuding who's name is Obama.

- We were having a great spiritual moment with Sister Rizal, the Spirit was super strong... when a goat walked through the front door and pooped all over the floor and then refused to back outside.

- There is a sketchy house in a community called Baguio Gold who's selling cyanide for thirteen grand in pesos. The sign is made of cardboard, and it doesn't tell you the quantity of the cyanide... but it seems legit.

- The Magaling family was baptized this last week! And at the beginning of the baptism... only three members came, haha! Luckily everyone started filing in about fifteen minutes later.

- Filipino dogs are THE MOST ANNOYING creatures on earth. They bark at you ALL the time. So, I've started the wonderful habit of acting calm at first, and then chasing them and snarling like a wild animal, and it scares the crap out of them, hahaha!

That's all for this week! I love you all!


Elder Mikesell

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