Sunday, July 20, 2014


July 14, 2014

Bamboo is surprisingly strong, haha!

Howdy there!

I promised more details this week, so you shall receive!

So, President changed his mind and rather than my companion being transferred, I was the one transferred! I am now in the lowlands, in a small town named Aringay! The low lands are verrry different than the highlands! It's much more Filipino, it's super hot, people speak much more Tagolog/Ilokano than English, and there are a LOT of members here! The church has been here since the eighties, and I actually found a Book of Mormon in our apartment with a note in it from a missionary to an investigator from 1985, haha.

Other than that, my companion and I are doing great! There's a lot of carbow (water buffalo), bamboo bridges and very friendly people! It's a joke here in the Philippines to call Americans "Joe", so I get a lot of people yelling across from the street, "Hey, Joe! What's your name!" or "Hey, Joe! Where are you going?" They are VERY surprised when I respond to them in Tagalog or Ilokano, hahahaha.

My area is relatively new, but doing well! I don't have any investigators that stick out in my mind at the moment, but I will soon! Thank you everyone!

Feed your fire!

The Philippines sea! My area goes right up to the ocean!

More of my area

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