Sunday, July 12, 2015


Hello all! Due to a gentle admonition of my father, I will provide a weekly update with greater weight. I dedicate this update to my wonderful father!

This is the fifth week of this cycle, so I'm for sure about to get a new companion. But, an interesting development took place about a week and a half ago that actually kind of already did :P My apartment is me, my beloved companion from here in the Phillies, Elder Lesa of America Samoa, and Elder Smiler of New Zealand. Elder Smiler, unfortunately, is too tall and good looking for his own good and has attracted the attention of quite a few lady folk in his area. Even more unfortunate, the woman with the greatest measure of obsession with him is over the age of 60 :P After more than one or two calls and texts of this woman professing romantic intentions for Elder Smiler, our mission president thought it best that Elder Smiler not work in his area, hahaha. But, Elder Smiler was only a week away from going home. Rather than order an emergency transfer, I worked with Elder Smiler for the last week and a half of his mission and Elder Lesa has been working with Elder Macalaguim in their area.

It was grand fun, and I think I've started picking up a New Zealander accent. But, don't tell him, he'll get prideful. He and I always debate about how our respective countries are better than the other. I usually focus on our military might and being the birthplace of the restoration and all the prophets. He focuses of New Zealand's Nephite roots and the amazing climate and dairy products to be had there. Elder Smiler's mission ended yesterday when me, Elder Lesa and Elder Macalagium buried him in his "coffin" as we refer to it, or in layman's terms, the bus going to San Fernando for his interview with the mission president, complete with his luggage and tickets for his flight home. I love the big lug.

Other than that, no one is progressing or going to church. I expressed thoughts on the subject in an email to a dear friend of mine. "The missionary is a crazy phenomena for sure. Usually, when I put a lot of effort into something and repeatedly fail at it, I give up. But, here on the mish, I somehow manage to build my hopes up every week that people will come to church and progress toward baptism, only to have said hopes crushed again :P whew. But, whatever. I'll keep going until Christ tells me to stop."

I was told by someone much wiser than I that it's not an option to quit the mish, even though I've been tempted. If I can do the mission, I'll be able to do anything in life because I was able to do the mission. But, if I quit now, there will always be self doubt when challenges come at school or in a marriage about whether or not I can.

I'll keep going, and I'll keep thoroughly enjoying it. :)

Little other news other than the fact that it's monsoons season, and that I'll have a new companion by the time I get back.

Love everyone back home!
Feed your fire!
Elder Mikesell III

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