Sunday, July 19, 2015


Bananas that grow without any effort
in the back of the house!
Hello all!

I am happy to have pleased my mortal father with the 'weight' of my last correspondence, and he unintentionally reminded me of the burden it is on a family to be financing a full-time missionary out in the field, so I figured the least I could do would be to again write out my week in full. (I'm well aware of all the blessings that come to a family because of missionary service, and that my father will insist on me not calling it a burden, but nevertheless his amazing enthusiasm and spirit I know he works himself down to the bone for us kiddos, so I will be happy to update him fully.) My wonderful stepmother also shot me a few questions, the answers to which I will try to weave into my letter. This letter will also be easier because there is MUCH to update you on, for much has changed in the recent past.

Last week, on Wednesday, I got my new companion! His name is Elder Howell. I lack a picture (which is my fault and will be repented of next p-day), but his entire persona can be summarized into two words, his mannerisms, appearance, and attitude and even the general atmosphere of the place he's from: Clark Kent.

I've had Filipino companions for over a year now, so I was VERY excited (even if just for a little while!) not to be companions with someone who I know wouldn't have language barriers with me and wouldn't be offended at some point by my American sarcasm.... or at least that's how it was for about two days until I got emergency transferred!

Due to medical difficulties experienced by an elder in Santiago (about a thirty minute bus ride from Narvacan) I was thrown into my fifth and last area with less than twelve hour's notice! To be brief: I am in love with this area after two days. The ward is strong. It can be felt when you walk into sacrament. The land is beautiful, and there are three investigators progressing to baptism. On my first Sunday, we had six investigators come to church. I almost cried. It feels like I just got to the promised land, haha. My companion's name is Elder Alonzo! He is a pure Filipino!... from New Jersey :P haha! He's basically American, and I can tell we are going to have a great companionship. The picture will be sent next week.

A few pictures of my new area here in Santiago!

In response to your query about investigators from Narvacan:

Brother Boondok went to church for the first time two days after I left the area and twelve weeks after we started teaching him, hahaha, oh the irony.

Brother and Sister Maliwanag/Brother Noe/Brother Bukid: dropped us and are no longer investigating, due to a various blend of being busy and spiritual apathy :P

Brother Gulaw: We went back to his home over six times now, but he wasn't there each time. He lives in a pretty remote area, so it's a bit hard to get to him. We've been trying to contact him through family members, and we ended up meeting his younger brother, who also seems to be interested.

I love you all!
Stay groovy!

Elder Mikesell III

A few pictures of me battling the eternal puddles in my apartment in Narvacan!

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