Sunday, July 26, 2015


Hello fam bam and friends! Twas a funny week for sure :P

Among some of the jovial activities were me and my companion purchasing massive machetes for service projects, getting massages on p-day, playing a prank on our apartment mates by trashing the apartment and hiding to make them think the apartment was robbed, having a barbecue night in which we cooked giant slabs of meat on an open fire on Friday night, and making lemons of lemonade when my bide imploded.

We were in very hilly area when my bike (which since I have arrived has been a tool of the devil and at times refuses to pedal) destroyed itself. The fancy pants mechanism near the chain which switches the gear finally gave out and because caught in the chain itself and was destroyed, which stopped the bike from being able to move. We were pretty far from home and had quite a few appointments to make, so we decided to just snap the whole thing off and take the chain off the hub so the tires could move freely. I kept the chain from getting caught back into the hub by tangling it around my left pedal and I spent the rest of the time either walking the bike uphill, riding it down hill, or standing on the pedal and using it like a scooter when the roads were level enough to do so :P

BUT there's been plenty of hard spiritual work while we've been at it, haha. We need you to pray for these folk. They came to church the first Sunday I was here, but neither of them were able to come yesterday.

The Kubo sisters: Sister Zenny, Sister May are sisters-in-law. Both are very interested but only Sister May has  a baptismal date because Sister Zenny isn't married to her husband yet. Sister May is a single mom with one child. They are of modest means and live quite a distance from the church, so it's a sacrifice to go.

Love you all.

Elder Mikesell III

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