Sunday, June 7, 2015


The weekly! Business as usual here in Narvacan :P There was no transfer, and I'll be going another 6 weeks strong with my companion Elder Macalaguim, which I'm a huge fan of! I really like him as my companion. No one came to church... again. But such is life and missionary work! Onward ever onward. The bright side is that we taught the most lessons I've ever taught in this area last week, and we found the most new investigators I've ever found in my whole mission. The whole mission got freaking pumped after Elder Bowen visited us!

Other than that, not much has changed. My apartment mates are the same, and no new progressing investigators of which to speak of. It's freaking hot, and I've decided that I will never live anywhere hot :P to quote a certain correspondence I just sent earlier,

As for the heat of Las Vegas: "I am SO determined to not live in Vegas. Like I'm not even going to date females from Las Vegas, due to the fact that if I end up marrying one, she'll probably have family in Las Vegas which will increase the likelihood of me staying in Vegas, and that's just a no go."

I might give the addition that there could be exceptions to that rule... if she's really cool, but it's not like I'm thinking about THAT or anything :P ha! What? Pfft! That's just ridiculous! Elders thinking about courtship and marriage? That's preposterous. It's not like that's the only thing we talk about or anything. :P I love everyone back home, but I love it here too :) Lucky for me, I get one now and the other later, so I'll just enjoy whatever I'm given at the moment! I'm off to save souls! Pip pip and cheerio!

Elder Mikesell III

P.S. Don't worry about the man on the raft in my pictures. He's not drowning (which is what I assumed at first). It's a kind of fishing they do here. He's wearing goggles in order to see under water.

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