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February 16, 2015

Me and my companion in San Fernando

I'm going to slow down and write a nice long letter with pictures attached :P

Hello family! Thank you first and foremost for the prayers on my behalf. I had a much better week this week than the week previous. Two weeks ago was the worst I've had on my mission (statistically), but last week was the best week I've ever had in this area (statistically)! Regardless of those things, I am, of course, having a smashing time on the mish :) Many missionaries are excited to go home because of prospects like dating, music, movies, and son on, but all I see is having to get a job again, rent, money, school, taxes, that kind of stuff. No, no, no, no, no! I'm quite happy on my spiritual/jungle adventure out here in Le Phillies :P

The highlight of my week this week was our zone activity! Me and my companion had the wonderful burden of planning and executing said activity for the 26 missionaries in this, the San Fernando Zone, and we had a scavenger hunt type deal planned out until we heard about a botanical gardens type deal out in the mountains that was supposed to be well worth the trip. We ran the risk and took the zone there instead, and I was soo happy when it didn't blow up in our face, haha! The gardens were amazing. I forgot my camera :P but I'm considering going back before I leave this area just to go. I'll try and get as many pictures as possible from the missionaries. Also, fun was the fact that they had a little zoo! There were monitor lizards, motits (which is kind of like a native foxlike monkey) owls, eagles, and monkeys! One of the monkeys reached out to shake my hand which I foolishly took. He betrayed my trust by trying to bite me, and I sustained a small wound on my finger to the great laughter of my comrades. I disinfected it ASAP and was way afraid I would have to go to the missionary recovery center in Manila for rabies testing, but (happily) the mission president's wife (who handles all the health stuff) didn't think it was necessary.

Now for the investigator corner!

Pray for these folks! (They are code names, but Heavenly Father knows who they are. I'm sure he'll get the right blessing to the right people if he has a mind to, haha.)

The Ube family: 24 and 34 with two kids. (Does the age gap remind you of anyone in our immediate family? I told them about it actually. They thought it was funny.) Not married. Met them through their half paralyzed father-in-law who we've been visiting in their home. Sister Ube is quite interested, but Brother Ube's interest might not be so potent.

Thank you all :) Enjoy the pictures. I know you would want better pictures of my companion, so here's one of him and me together. Also, this is the chapel I'm assigned to. Keep feeding your fire!

Elder Mikesell III

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