Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hello friends and fam! I've had some requests this past week, so attached to this email is me and my new companion, Elder Cu in the elf hats I received in a Christmas package, haha. One thing I've definitely noticed is that Filipinos celebrate Christmas long before it starts and long after it is finished.

Some other questions I was recently asked:

Q: Tell me about your new companion?
A: His name is Elder Cu! His granddad is Chinese, he's Filipino from Quezon City in the national capital region, his favorite foreign food is lasagna, he's 20 years old and is a licensed nautical engineer, and he's extremely low maintenance, which I'm a huge fan of.

Q: One year mark with pizza at the mission office? Very cool! Do they do that for all the Elders at their half way mark?
A: I paid for said pizza :P  The tradition here is that YOU treat YOUR district at your half way mark. It might be a Baguio Mission deal that doesn't happen elsewhere, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

Q: Are you still getting fed well?
A: Every Sunday the second counselor in the Stake Presidency feeds us. It's my favorite time of the week, except sacrament.

Q: Do you cover one ward or multiple wards?
A: I am only in one ward, the Lingsat ward here in San Fernando La Union Stake. So are three other companionships, haha. It's a bit different from back home. One unit usually has anywhere from three to five companionshps in it here.

Q: Any crazy things that you've had to eat lately?
A: The craziest thing lately was fried chicken and rice at McDonalds :P That's a popular deal here. Nothing too crazy recently.

I love you fam :) I hope everything's going well, including grandma's back and Kelly not being able to put her socks on due to advanced human-producing. Pray for you folks :)

Feed your fire!
Elder Mikesell III

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