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April 5, 2015

Brother Lakas and I

This week has actually been a bit lively! Neither Brother Lakas nor the Bitwin family came to church, so that's a bit rough. Please pray for them. The Bitwin family is having a rough time, and Brother Lakas is (a) really old and (b) one legged. It's quite a challenge for him to go to church, haha, but he's reading the Book of Mormon which is really good.

The other details of the week are "super typhoon chedeng" and holy week. The super typhoon was supposed to be a monster. Like bigger than the country I'm serving in, and the projected path was supposed to take the eye of the storm about half an hour from my current area, putting my area in the most dangerous place possible. It was so serious that we prepared 72 hour kits and all the Sister Missionaries were evacuated to San Fernando. Long story short, it rained mildly for about 20 minutes and has been a bit cloudy. That was the extent of the damage :P The storm completely missed us and has since then been down graded to a tropical storm rather than a super typhoon. I'm a little bit totally bummed out about it. I was looking forward to a good after mission story.

In other news, holy week is the Easter of Catholic nations in which from Friday to Sunday the city celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The festivities include blasting two guys singing the bible from the speakers of the close-by cathedral for days on end, which has been a challenge for me :P but all is well! I hope everyone is good back home, and I love you all.

Take care!

Elder Mikesell III

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