Tuesday, April 21, 2015


April 19, 2015

Hello family and friends! This week was downright good! Here is an excerpt from the weekly email I just sent my mission president:

hello president
several good things to report!: my companionship achieved three of the standards of excellence last week. maybe you remember from my last email that our companionship was really struggling with having members present in our lessons to investigators for the whole transfer ive been here. week one to four went like this: 0,1,0,1 LMP. so we sat down and really asked out ward mission leader for help.
we achieved 10 this week! 
and the people we teach have a much better reaction when we have native ilokanos with us.
thankyou president!
elder mikesell

So, that's good! I am also well pleased about the news about my family! Chase getting his Eagle, a diploma and a handsome guitar, Sam alive and healthy, and how awesome our house has become since I left :P An investigator came to church this week! His name is brother Wen and he speaks almost NO Tagalog, he only uses the native dialect from here in this region called Ilokano, which I'm only beginning to learn, let alone understand. But he's way good :P 

Also our district has become addicted to service. I am somehow able to spend at least five hours a day in the hot sun proselyting but not be pink in the slightest, and then I go to a service project for like 2 hours and suffer for the rest of the week with hellish red skin :P haha, funny stuff. I love you all! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Elder Mikesell III

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