Tuesday, April 28, 2015


ang mga bata :) (the kids)

Hello comrades!

The first comment is: it is hot here :P

But, in other news, things are definitely improving! Elder Ian Bowen from the Philippines Area Presidency is visiting our mission right now, and I am heavily enjoying listening to a general authority. Something that he said while giving a hands on talk during the Saturday session of our stake conference about ward council really struck me: "in our ward council, we talk about PEOPLE." He was inferring that it's not about budgets or schedules or so forth. It hit me because he repeated it three times. Me and my companion thought a lot about it and started to try and apply that principle in our teaching and planning more, to not just plan lessons but to prepare to share with people. Not just teach lessons, but have a conversation with people and share with them what we have.

As soon as we started we've seen the impact :) things are going well.

In other news, I've started working out daily, it's freaking hot, me and Elder Macalaguim will be another transfer together, it's super duper hot here, I'm loving my mission and don't ever want to go home, and it is ridiculously hot here! Those are the feels this week!

I hope Justin has a safe flight home, and I have something special for him when I come home!

Love you all :)

Elder Mikesell III

Cows wandering in the graveyard, an unchaperoned herd of goats just making its way down the street (haha), a bunch of pictures from our early morning jog/nature walk early this morning with Brother Eugine (a prospective elder we are becoming way close with) and our favorite members in the ward, the Ruiz family! Also, in the Philippines, colonies of warrior ants also spin webs. Terrifying. I know.

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