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March 22, 2015

Goat Riding... 

This week has been grand!

Bitwin Family
Me and my companion, Elder Macalaguim (pronounced ma-ka-la-geem) have been getting along swimmingly. He's one of the most humble, gentle spirits I've ever encountered in my sojourn here on earth. It makes missionary work a lot easier to have a great companion! Here in Narvacan is way fun as well. It's a lot more rural, which I prefer over the big cities because people are a lot more apt to listen. The family I'd ask you to pray for is the Bitwin family. They have been investigators for quite a while, and are so close to being baptized if they could overcome their problems with the Word of Wisdom! Pray to give them strength to be able to do that. I've been doing good all week and expect to do so or the next :) love you all!

Elder Mikesell

Me and my comrades! My companion is the tiny filipino, Elder Macalaguim. The big guy is Elder Smiler from New Zealand and the BIGGER guy is Elder Fanene from American Samoa. They're my new blood brothers here, haha! We had a sleepover at our tiny apartment here in Narvacan because they couldn't get transportation at Narvacan to their area in Santa. We bought 70 pesos worth of rolls (that's a lot), ten eggs, easy cheesy and two cans of corn beef and ate it on the floor because the tiny plastic chairs in my apartment can't support them without snapping, haha! Elder Fanene is with me in the black and white selfie. The pictures with the bridge is the absolute most northern point in our mission, which Elder Fanene took me to on an exchange. The side we are standing on is Baguio Mission, the other side is Laoag Mission. It was a weird feeling, like standing on the four corners, haha.

We all have great cause to rejoice! An elder showed me how to take down the quality of the pictures on my camera, so they are not so massive and upload a thousand times faster and can fit more in a single email. Hurrah for Israel! Grandma Bitwin is like my favorite grandma in all the Phillies. She's totes adorbs. The picture with me and her is her standing up. Filipinos are usually tiny folk, haha.

My new area here in Narvacan looks strikingly like Southern Utah.
Just with more rice fields, bamboo and water buffalo, haha.

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